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Career move to The Big 4? Big yes or Big no no

So you've heard of the Big 4 right? Well just in case, Deloitte, KPMG, PWC and EY are known as the big 4 finance companies globally. So what you may not know if that they have consulting divisions with actual developers. I know I was surprised as well.

I left industry back in 2014 to join Deloitte Dublin. Many reasons affected my decision and pushed me towards a consulting role. The first one was the name. A Big 4 jumps out on a C.V. and I was fully expecting this to stand to me in the future. And it does. I have lost count by the number of times mentioned my place of work and the response has been something similar to "Oh Deloitte, you must be really smart...". It adds credibility to people who only know the brand.

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